Autistic Songs

Alan Griswold


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The Risk of Chelation and Lupron Therapy

When I hear testimonials from the proponents of chelation and lupron therapy, I am always surprised no mention is ever made of the potential risk involved. No, I do not mean the risk to the child’s health or future well-being—I realize that risk can be dismissed easily enough, as it does not hit nearly close enough to home. But the inevitability of the coming lawsuit, how is that risk so blithely ignored?

The cases against the medical practitioners will be plausible prima facie and worth every possible attempt. And although the law would be much murkier here, an endeavor against the parents will almost certainly be given a go. Or to put it another way, in case I am failing to awaken those who desperately need to hear: if I were a young, aspiring and slightly hungry lawyer, and were hearing the details about the damage being done, I would be taking down names, birth dates and numbers, and warming up the phone.

These children are going to turn 21 one day, and upon that germination, the flower of litigation is surely going to bloom.

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