Autistic Songs

Alan Griswold


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Health Coverage

Many efforts are currently underway to mandate insurance and state coverage for various types of autism medical treatment. These efforts are premature.

Not in any way certain of the condition it is dealing with and ignoring its charge to first do no harm, the medical community has been offering up a dangerous and scattershot approach to autism treatment—oppressive applied behavioral analysis, overpowering pharmacology, random interventive therapies, plus a few doses of biomedical quackery thrown in for good measure. What these treatments have in common is that none are designed to promote autistic capacity—all are designed to shut it down.

When attitudes have changed, when humanity has understood autism for what it truly is, when medical efforts have turned away from suppression and cure and turned towards autistic achievement, only then will autism coverage become a worthwhile investment—not the drain of resources and human dignity that it currently is.

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